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ArticlesThe Ultimate Guide to the Best Facebook Groups for RV Park and Campground Owners

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Facebook Groups for RV Park and Campground Owners

November 29, 2023

Whether you are a new or veteran RV park or campground owner, joining and participating in the right Facebook groups can be a game-changer. It’s also important to understand general Facebook group best practices, so everyone gets more value out of their experience on the social media platform. Here are a few Facebook group guidelines before jumping into the conversation.

  1. Maintain a respectful and professional tone, fostering a positive environment. Admins most often work for free and they don’t enjoy breaking up Facebook fights.

  2. Actively contribute by sharing your experiences and insights. Some things might be obvious to an industry veteran, but not so much to a newbie campground owner.

  3. Ask thoughtful questions to stimulate meaningful discussions. Try not to ask questions that can be answered with a simple Google Search.

  4. Be sure to review and follow the group's guidelines and rules set by the administrators. If advertising isn’t allowed, respect that rule or risk being booted out.

  5. Utilize the search function to explore existing topics before posting, preventing redundant discussions. 

  6. Lastly, use the group as a learning resource by staying open to diverse perspectives, trends, and industry updates. Even the most seasoned owners may have something to learn from folks just entering the space. 

Now that we are all on our best behavior, here's a curated list of the best groups that will help you connect with like-minded professionals, seek advice, and stay up to date on industry trends.

Park Vendor Review

Unbiased insights to grow your RV park or campground business


- Private Group

- <1 year old

- Admins: Park Vendor Review team

How they describe themselves:

“A Facebook group from the largest and most trusted source for RV park and campground vendor listings. Created for RV park and campground owners, managers, investors, and employees to discuss anything relevant to owning and operating their properties. Independent discussions you can trust.”

Our Take:

Discover an independent haven for RV park and campground owners seeking unbiased reviews and discussions on vendors. Whether you're researching or sharing your experiences, this group offers a trustworthy platform to navigate the vendor landscape.

RV Park/Campground Owners and Managers Operations & Marketing Forum 

Where expertise meets professional camaraderie 


- Private Group

- 6 years old

- 4k members

- Admin: Mark Koep, Campground Views

How they describe themselves:

“Could this be heaven? If you own, work at or manage a RV Park or Campground and want to interact with a dynamic group of folks like yourself... this is it. Join now to share advice on increasing occupancy and income at your park, improve operations and exchange ideas. The places to learn, laugh and share with other park operators (and select experts). As a member of the group pointed out ‘We're like a dysfunctional support group!’”

Our Take:

Join a community of RV park and campground professionals to exchange insights on operations, marketing, and more. From pickleball court recommendations to PMS queries, this group is your go-to for a mix of practical advice and industry camaraderie.

Campground Owners & RV Resort Owners (CORE)

Support and Success Stories


- Private Group

- 4 years old

- 4.5k members

- Admins: Southeast Publications team

How they describe themselves:

“This group is a place for Campground and RV Resort Owners to talk about all things related to ownership. We are a place to find support from those who understand the intense work but also the huge rewards that come with owning a campground. We will share helpful hints about what works and fun stories about what doesn't.”

Our Take:

Connect with seasoned campground owners sharing tips, support, and fun stories. Whether you're a new owner seeking advice or a marketing enthusiast exploring influencer strategies, CORE provides a platform for diverse discussions.

Campground Owners & Managers

From Novices to Veterans


- Private Group

- 7 years old

- 15 posts per month

- Admins: Two non-affiliated admins

How they describe themselves:

“This group was created for owners & managers of campgrounds, RV parks, etc. to share information, ideas and ask those of their kind for their opinions. We welcome those who have been in this line of work for decades to those just starting out.”

Our Take:

An inclusive space for owners and managers at all stages of their journey. With a focus on information sharing and idea exchange, this group welcomes industry veterans and newcomers alike.

RV Park & Campground Owners, Managers & Investors Forum

Industry Insights and Networking


- Private Group

- 5 years old

- 3.8k members

- Admins: Alabama RV Park & Campground Association, Florida RV Park & Campground Association

How they describe themselves:

“This group is an open Forum for RV Park and Campground Industry professionals such as Park owners, managers, investors and suppliers. This group is hosted by the Florida and Alabama RV Parks Association.

Our Take:

Hosted by prominent associations, this group provides a broad forum for professionals in the RV park and campground industry. Join discussions, network, and stay updated on industry trends.

RV Park/Campground Vendor Marketplace

Making Connections


- Private Group

- 4 years old

- 15 posts per month

- Admins: Two campground owner admins

How they describe themselves:

“If you own an RV Park / Campground, this group will merge park owners, managers, and buyers with vendors that provide products and services specifically for RV Parks & Campgrounds. If you haven't been able to find what you're looking for online or locally, post a question here and the other owners and/or vendors should know exactly how to find it for you. Don't reinvent the wheel and waste a ton of time searching for vendors you have no relationship with. Ask other owners who they've been using and having lots of success with.”

Our Take:

Connecting park owners, managers, and buyers with trusted vendors. Avoid reinventing the wheel—ask for recommendations and share successes. Expect promotional posts, real estate listings, and vendor offerings.

Other RV Park and Campground Industry Facebook Groups to Join 

Make sure to follow your local and national campground association, and join any state association groups to keep your finger on the pulse of local industry issues.

If you are interested in keeping an eye on the RV park and campground real estate market, join these Facebook Groups:

Get into the RV Park and Campground Business Group

RV Park For Sale

RV Parks and Campgrounds for Sale

We also recommend joining a handful of RVing and camping groups to understand what your customer is looking for and talking about with their fellow campers. Here are some our our favorites:

RV Hacking Camping Ideas

The RV Atlas Group

RV Life

Cool RV Stuff–Gizmos, Gadgets, Decorating, etc

RV Tips

Navigating the world of RV park and campground ownership is so much easier when you connect with other people on the same journey. Join these recommended Facebook groups, expand your network, and grow your outdoor hospitality business with the support of other industry friends and colleagues. 

Have any favorite groups that we missed? Message us and we’ll add it to the list!

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