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ArticlesUnderstanding TikTok for RV Park and Campground Marketing

Understanding TikTok for RV Park and Campground Marketing

May 10, 2024

Even if you are not personally addicted to TikTok and have absolutely no interest in joining another social media platform, you should consider the power of TikTok for marketing your campground and RV park this year, especially if you are looking to increase bookings. 

This growing social media app reached 1.5 billion users in 2023, an increase of 16% over the previous year. The majority of TikTok users are female, and our own industry statistics show that females lead the planning of travel for most households. In addition, the majority of users are millennial and gen Z, which represent the largest growing demographic in the campground space and the one you are probably looking to attract if you want to grow your business in the next few years. 

You can read the endless reports showing what percentage of people plan their travel using social media inspiration. And we can quote a string of statistics about the growing demand for camping and glamping experiences. But let’s instead simply open up the app for proof that you are missing out on a huge marketing opportunity if you ignore this social media platform. A quick search shows that #Camping has 41.5 billion views, #RVliving has 3.4 billion views, and #campground has 332.6 million views. Go ahead and do a quick search of your local area and nearby attractions and find how many views those hashtags are getting. Now look for hashtags related to your campground. Are you there? You should be. 

1. Short-Form Video: A Perfect Fit for Visual Storytelling

The essence of TikTok lies in its short-form video content, typically ranging from 15 seconds to a minute. This format is ideal for capturing the magic of a campground or RV park experience in a digestible, engaging way. With just a few seconds, you can showcase the sunrise over a lake, the cozy ambiance of a campfire, or the excitement of racing down the slides at your water park. These brief but powerful glimpses are perfect for today's fast-paced digital audience, and your campground offers dozens of opportunities to capture this content every single day. 

2. Embracing the Authenticity of Raw Production

TikTok's users love authenticity, and polished, high-production content is not a necessity. In fact, users often prefer raw, genuine content as it feels more relatable and trustworthy. This is a boon for campground owners who might not have the resources for professional-grade video production. A simple smartphone camera capturing real moments—like a family backing into their RV site, a group of friends laughing around a campfire, or the natural beauty of the surroundings—can resonate strongly with the audience. This authenticity not only saves on costs but also aligns with the genuine experiences that campgrounds offer, making it a perfect platform for outdoor hospitality marketing.

3. Low Barrier to Reaching Your Audience

On TikTok, even accounts with a small number of followers can reach an extremely large audience. This is particularly encouraging for campground owners who are new to the platform. TikTok’s algorithm focuses more on the content’s relevance and engagement rather than the account's follower count. This means that a well-crafted video posted by a small campground can potentially reach thousands, if not millions, of users. For instance, a video tagged with #CampingAdventure might appear on the feed of users interested in outdoor activities, even if they don't follow the campground’s account. This democratization of content distribution is a unique advantage for small businesses in the industry.

4. Viral Potential: A Game-Changer for Visibility

The potential for any video to go viral on TikTok offers unparalleled opportunities for exposure. Unlike other platforms where your reach is often limited to your existing audience, TikTok’s algorithm can catapult a video to viral status based on user engagement and content appeal. For campgrounds, this means a single captivating video – like a breathtaking time-lapse of a campground sunrise or a fun group activity – can gain widespread attention quickly. The viral nature of TikTok content helps in reaching a broader audience, including those who may not have considered camping or RV travel before.

5. Niche Communities and Targeted Engagement

TikTok's algorithm excels at connecting content with niche communities. For campgrounds and RV parks, this means reaching audiences who are specifically interested in camping, outdoor activities, and nature travel. Hashtags play a crucial role here. As noted earlier, hashtags like #Camping and #RVliving have billions of views, indicating a substantial interest in these areas. By utilizing relevant hashtags and creating content that resonates with these niche TikTok users, campgrounds can effectively target potential visitors who are already interested in what they have to offer. This focused approach ensures that marketing efforts are not just widespread but also targeted to the right audience.

In general campground and RV Park owners are hardly looking for another social media platform to manage, and more marketing tasks to tick off on any given day. However, we do believe that TikTok is currently offering owners and managers an opportunity not available on other social media platforms, where reach is severely limited and paid opportunities may offer little to no ROI. 

Incorporating TikTok into your marketing strategy offers a unique blend of accessibility, engagement, and targeted reach. Its suitability for the camping and outdoor hospitality industry is evident through its content format, user preferences, and algorithmic strengths. By leveraging these features, campgrounds and RV parks can significantly enhance their visibility and appeal to a growing, diverse audience looking for their next outdoor adventure.

Next up? We’ll share the basics for launching your simple but effective campground and RV Park TikTok strategy. Stay tuned.

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